The Truth About Cat Food, Urinary Health, and Supplements

If you are wondering if there’s a link between cat food urinary health and nutrition, then you’re beginning to realize the importance of quality food for your cat. Unfortunately, the typical cat food that you buy at the grocery store is full of fillers, processed grains, food dyes and preservatives. In this article, you’ll learn why processed cat food can be detrimental to your cat’s health and what to give your pet instead.

Cat Food, Urinary Health and Processed Cat Food

What’s wrong with the kibble that you usually feed your cat? Check the label and you will see some ingredients that are not healthy for your cat. For instance, processed grains can affect the pH of your cat’s urine and actually promote the growth of bacteria. Dyes, preservatives and other chemicals are not good for your cat’s sensitive digestive system.

By changing your cat’s diet to a healthier, more balanced diet and including a few important supplements, you can boost your cat’s immunity and help free your pet from common urinary problems.

Cat Food, Urinary Health and Natural Food

Just as some mothers make homemade baby food for their babies, you can make healthy food for your cat at home. For optimal health, cook meat, chicken or fish with finely chopped vegetables. Sometimes I cook the meat in a bit of broth to make it even more flavorful. Cook enough to last a number of days or even the entire week and store in a plastic container. Since your cat will be getting lots of nutrients from these healthy meals, he will probably need to eat less than he normally does.

If you do feel you have the time to make your cat healthy food, then find a packaged food that is organic and does not contain additives, preservatives, food dyes or fillers. Be prepared to pay more money for such high quality food.

It goes without saying that you need to make sure your cat always has healthy, clean water, but many pet owners do not know that the chemicals in tap water are not good for cats. Always give your pet filtered water.

Cat Food, Urinary Health and Supplements

Giving your cat a few daily supplements will help boost immunity and support and maintain bladder health. These supplements are not expensive and they will save you from going to the vet. Vitamin C is important because it is a natural antioxidant which fights cancer and reduces inflammation. Cranberry juice (or a cranberry supplement) prevents growth of bacteria in the bladder lining.

Another important step is to give your cat a homeopathic remedy, designed specifically for bladder health. The best natural remedies are gentle, but work as effectively as antibiotics and can be used both to treat and prevent common urinary problems. The supplements are easy to administer since they come in granular form: you simply sprinkle some on top of your cat’s healthy food or drop a few granules into his mouth. By giving your cat a few supplements and healthy cat food urinary health will be a given.

Since all homeopathic remedies are not manufactured to the same standards, take some time, do

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