DHA Food Sources and Supplements – Discover the Sources Containing Vital Omega3 Fatty Acids

Are you frustrated with trying to find quality DHA food sources and supplements? Have you ever thought feeding your body with the best sources of DHA is important?If you are wondering why it’s important to include omega 3 in your diet, here is the reason. Omega3 fatty acids are significant in the normal activities of all tissues of the human body.Because when your body lacks the important fatty acids, a number of problems may arise like:• liver and kidney abnormalities• decreased immune function• depression• and, skin changes (for instance dryness and scaliness)…to name a few. Therefore, providing your body with essential fatty acids only results in many health benefits. For instance, preventing atherosclerosis, reducing the chances of heart disease, and relieving joint pain.But, the human body can’t produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) by itself. That is why finding DHA food sources and quality supplements is crucial for giving your body the elements it needs.The best sources of DHA available today are found in leafy greens, broccoli, flaxseed, strawberries, and walnuts. And from quality meat like beef and chicken. However, the best DHA food sources are found in cold water oily fish like salmon, tuna and Hoki.Sadly, these days those fish sources swim in polluted waters which contain metals and toxic chemicals. Thus, the waters have introduced harmful chemicals into the food chain.Fortunately, there are high-quality fish oil supplements available today. Produced from deep cold water oily fish, these tuna and hoki sources offer very high DHA omega 3 fats which contain very little pollutants.But the most convenient way to get your recommended amount of essential fatty acids is from pure, safe omega3 fish oil supplements. Fish oil supplements which have been put through a molecular distillation process, are quality pharmaceutical grade, and abide by international quality and purity standards.Now that you know the best quality DHA food sources and supplements your body needs, when searching for a high quality supplement remember to check the label carefully to make sure the above mentioned process has been done.Make no mistake about it. Knowing the best sources of DHA essential fatty acids, you will be providing your body just what it needs to function correctly.

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